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    We provide world's best EM test range modules and technologies.

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    Compact Range Reflector

    We provide well-known blended roll-edged compact range reflectors with superior performance. Minimum 50% quiet zone efficiency. The reflector size starts from 60cm to 900cm. Closed-box-reflector body design and fine polishing technique make extremely stable and precise reflector for operating up to 300GHz. Customized design to meet frequency range, spill over, X-pol level ... etc.

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    Anechoic Chamber

    Patented innovative size-reduced design of anechoic chamber with superior quiet zone performance, broadband and with outstanding performance even at the difficult low-frequency range like 300-400 MHz. Many kinds of test range design for meeting specific application are available.

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    CATR Feed

    Stable phase center and broad pattern compact range feed. Waveguide bandwidth operation. Mounting interface can be defined as requirement.

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    mmWave Absorber

    Special fine dopping for mmWave operation. -30 dB minimum absorption rate from 10 GHz up to 110 GHz.

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    Broadband Optical E-field Probe​

    The novel probe design maximizes the RF transparency by replacing the coaxial cable with optical fiber. This makes it perfectly suitable for antenna near-field measurement, especially at low frequency when RF absorbers are not a practical option.

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    Shielding Enclosures

    Over 15 years shielding enclosure design and fabrication experience, using modularized panel type shielding enclosure, we are capable to provide a customization a shielding box or a huge 30 meters high-performance shielding enclosure. Electrical driven sliding or swing doors are available also.

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    EM Technologies


    Over 25 years experience of EM test range technology. Keep developing better modules for the needs of current EM test range. Test range design service is provided.

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